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And Then We Were Three…

Posted by imagineburundi on August 14, 2011

Next Live Show: August 27, 2011

August 14, 2011

Seth is away in the U.S. for the next month, but the big news this week? Ciza is away for….forever. We (including Ciza, I think) found out that his cousin in Nairobi had recently secured a university spot for him in Guangzhou, China. So he left. Yesterday.

And even though this change occurred so suddenly and we have had so little time to work with Ciza, he has helped immensely with our outreach efforts. We will be reaping the benefits of his efforts for a long time to come. We warmly thank Ciza for his passion, his ideas and above all, his reliability, because that’s just not a very abundant quality here in Burundi. Ciza was generous enough to sit down with me for a chat before his departure and so we will be dedicating next week’s show to his thoughts about his imminent arrival in China where he could spend the next four years studying.

Good luck, Ciza!


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