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Archive for September, 2011

Early Update

Posted by imagineburundi on September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011

We are updating the Archive early this week because various members of the team are traveling, so instead of waiting until Sunday, we have added the 4th episode’s clips.

For Saturday’s broadcast, we are starting an exciting new series on ‘Tourism’. Will Burundi become a tourist destination? Does it have what it takes? That’s what we will try to find out on the next show.


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Posted by imagineburundi on September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011

We’ve added clips from our first live show to the Archive page. Listen to us unscripted and unfiltered!

And please check out our new page: ‘The Bananas!’ to learn more about our Restaurant Reviews and the scores we give out. We will be updating that page regularly in the coming weeks.

Also, please visit our friends at! It’s a comprehensive website aggregating news about local and regional musicians and other cultural events. Really impressive.

This past Monday, Jeff conducted the first in a series of trainings for the studio technicians at CCIB to improve broadcast and recording procedures, and, hopefully, audio quality. Here are a few photos from that session:

In the CCIB Studio 1

In the CCIB Studio 2

Horse in the CCIB Studio

Yeah, we put up that last photo just because of the horse poster. Incredible. Photos by Elvis Sinzinkayo.

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A Busy September

Posted by imagineburundi on September 18, 2011

September 18, 2011

We’ve added the second set of clips to our Archive page. The next two episodes are about rugby – a perfect companion to the ongoing Rugby World Cup.

Jeff wrote about Imagine Burundi‘s beginnings on his personal blog.

Lesson from this past Saturday’s live show: we are getting the wrong kind of feedback.

Here are some photos from the Prestige Cup coffee competition in which coffee buyers from all over the world visited Burundi from August 29 to September 3 to taste, evaluate and purchase the best specialty coffees from around the country. Special thanks to Grant Rattray, Managing Director of the Cup of Excellence.

Prestige Cup 1


Prestige Cup 2

Prestige Cup 4

Brandon Thiessen (left) and Ben Carlson grading coffee.

Prestige Cup 5

Grant Rattray (center) and Ben Carlson.

A couple weeks ago, Imagine Burundi also visited Kigali, Rwanda, for a very special story, and we will be bringing you that segment in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Amina in Kigali market

Imagine Burundi in Amahoro Stadium

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The Archive Is Open

Posted by imagineburundi on September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

We’ve uploaded clips of our first episode to the Archive page! As mentioned, we will add clips from a new episode each Sunday until Burundi is as familiar to our listeners as Equatorial Guinea or Canada.

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Our First Web Clips!

Posted by imagineburundi on September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

Imagine Burundi is an hour-long broadcast but for the purposes of online archiving, we’ve distilled each of the three segments and left out some of the intro, music and/or transitions to keep file sizes small.

Here then is our very first attempt, which will also serve as a test so please let us know if the links are functioning or not. And of course, we hope you enjoy the show and we would happily welcome your feedback.

Once we are sure the audio files and links are functioning as they should, we will begin archiving our earliest efforts. We are now up to our 35th episode, so we decided to use a recent episode for the test run:

Episode 32 “Leaving Burundi: Ciza’s Story”

As mentioned in a previous post, our good friend and co-host, Ciza Idriss, has left Imagine Burundi (in fact, he left Burundi altogether) to pursue his dream of studying abroad. This is the story of that opportunity. (37 minutes)

There is no Job Advice in this episode to accommodate the special segment on Ciza’s departure.

Restaurant Review – Trattoria, an Italian restaurant that believes in tradition – and lets you know about it. At about the same time Ciza was leaving, another co-host, Seth Chase, was preparing for his trip to the U.S. Guest Diner Jonathan O’Connor and I send him off in style. (22 minutes)

Originally aired on August 27, 2011.


1. Episode 32 “Leaving Burundi: Ciza’s Story”

2. Restaurant Review: Trattoria

(Right click on the link above and select “Save As…” The files are in mp3 format.)

Note: Our email is still down. Hopefully, we will resolve that issue in the next week.

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