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New clips and Hospitality Training Services

Posted by imagineburundi on November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011

Sorry for the delay! We have had terrible luck with stable internet and electricity access the last couple weeks (months, really) so we just uploaded this week’s clips to the Archive. It’s a live recording in which Ben and Jeff talk about their winter holiday experiences, followed by the conclusion of Jeff’s simulated job interview of Deogratias Nahimana, his colleague at the station.

Then on this week’s local broadcast on CCIB, Seth and Elvis introduce Burundi’s first culinary arts institute. Hospitality Training Services ( is the creation of Chefs Claude Bigayimpunzi and Eloi Ndabahagamye (whom you can also on this week’s Archive clip in the Job Advice piece!), and they are trying to change the culture of food preparation in Burundi. Learn more about their institute and its ambitious mission at the link above or by listening to this week’s Imagine Burundi broadcast.

We’ll post a few photos here when the connection is better.


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