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Archive for December, 2011

Our 2011 Holiday Special!

Posted by imagineburundi on December 27, 2011

December 27, 2011

It’s the rare special occasion where our local broadcasts and our digital archive intersect because there’s a time gap between them. But this year, we were so excited about our holiday show that we wanted to share it with our listeners in Burundi and abroad at the same time.

The show features our newest reporter, Amina Nshimirimana, who had been on Imagine Burundi as a guest. We were so impressed by her insights and communication style that we asked her to conduct some interviews for us. She came back with some astonishing interviews of Burundians and their experiences with love. So just like last year’s Holiday Special (which you can find as “Episode 5 ‘Gift-Giving'” in our Archive), we have compiled the stories into one episode. This year’s Holiday Special is on the theme of “Love Stories in Burundi.” (Two clips: 25 and 21 minutes)

And just like last year, we have a special Restaurant Review, where we sample different inexpensive ice cream options around town and make our recommendations. Ice cream is relatively new in Burundi but its popularity and access have really jumped in the last year so we wanted to let our listeners know some of the best choices around town. (15 minutes)

So please find below the entire Holiday Special show “Love Stories in Burundi,” our 50th episode of Imagine Burundi. The show has been divided into three clips for easier upload/download. We hope you enjoy it.

Happy rest of 2011!


1. Episode 50 “Holiday Special: Love Stories in Burundi” (Clip 1)

2. Episode 50 “Holiday Special: Love Stories in Burundi” (Clip 2)

3. Restaurant Review: Ice Cream!

(Right click on the link above and select “Save As…” The files are in mp3 format.)


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Coming Up for the Holiday Season

Posted by imagineburundi on December 20, 2011

December 20, 2011

It’s been a hectic holiday season for us, lots of travel all around – Seth was off on an unrelated project to Somalia and South Sudan, Jeff conducted some reporting in Uganda and Elvis recently completed a trip around Burundi to look at local tourism options. But even with all the running around, we managed to sneak in some outreach work. Last week, we visited the Lumiere (“Light”) University English Club to talk more about our work.


Photo by Elvis Sinzinkayo

And coming up on this Saturday’s show is our second ever Holiday Special! It’s great timing because it also happens to be our 50th episode. Last year, we compiled a series of stories on gift-giving and also talked about our favorite chocolate dessert items in town. This year, we are going to present “Love Stories in Burundi” and our favorite ice cream options in town. Check back next week after we post those clips online!

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Live Show this Saturday and New Clips are Up

Posted by imagineburundi on December 7, 2011

December 7, 2011

New clips are up in the Archive. It’s the first episode in our much-anticipated series “Made In Burundi,” where we ask ourselves (and our listeners) just what is made in Burundi? Jeff and guest Ben Radley explore the Central Market in Bujumbura to find out.

Don’t forget, this Saturday is our next Live Show, which means you can call in with your thoughts and comments! Check out the news on the left to see what we are going to talk about. It’s going to be spectacular.

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