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Our First Post of 2012

Posted by imagineburundi on January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012

Lots of new things are happening here at Imagine Burundi. First, we are very pleased to welcome two new members to the team: Dedo Ndayishimiye and Amina Nshimirimana have joined us as Field Reporters to bring us new guests and new stories. Our listeners might know a bit about Amina from previous broadcasts, including her trip to Kigali, but we will tell you more about both shortly on the Team page. Welcome Dedo and Amina!

Another important piece of news is that we have changed our schedule. The show still airs at the same time but now we will be live in the studio every other Saturday. We decided to make this change (even though we love produced shows) because our listenership is increasing and we wanted to give callers more opportunities to address us on the air. We hope this change will create more dialogues between our listeners and us. The next live show is on Saturday, January 28, at 3 p.m.

Also, we just want to warn everyone now – we are working on “Chris Sings Chris.” Why the warning? Because the song is Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People.” You might say Chris got a bit jealous of Elvis’ star turn with “Elvis Sings Elvis” so he put together his own little performance. We’ll post that in the next couple weeks. There might even be video.

Finally, we continue adding new clips to the Archive each week. This week’s clip about “Coming Home” got a bit of airplay last July after a part of it was posted on WBEZ Chicago’s Worldview when they interviewed Jeff. It’s the story of Seth’s journey on Kenya Airways. It’s ridiculous, it’s hilarious, and it’s definitely an Imagine Burundi classic.

Happy 2012!

Oh, by the way, we got some nice feedback about the Holiday Special’s review of ice cream options around town. So, for anyone curious about what the Azam ice cream bikes look like, here are a few photos. When Jeff said the menu was painted on the bike, he meant literally hand-painted – to stunning effect. We even got a shot of the interior.

Azam ice cream bike

Azam bike interior

Seth on Azam bike


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