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    As our big announcement stated, Imagine Burundi ended its new broadcasts in July 2013. But keep checking back in our Archive - we will be posting new clips of our past episodes there.

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Imagine Burundi in the News!

Posted by imagineburundi on February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

Hey, everyone, we just learned about an innovative international news website and we are incredibly excited about it. Latitude News is a news service that brings readers international happenings from all over the world to reveal those events’ importance to readers’ lives in the U.S. We’ve known about their project for about a week and we’re already big fans. In particular, we share their same mission to make international events seem “less foreign,” and whether we are doing that from the U.S. or from Burundi, we think it’s time media sources reduce, not reinforce, cultural and geographical divisions through their coverage. Check out Latitude News by clicking here.

Or visit this link for their story about a nifty little project called…Imagine Burundi!

The good folks at Latitude got word of Imagine Burundi and wrote up this generous article about our work. Imagine that – Burundi in the news! This piece, coupled with the waves of listener feedback we have been receiving, is the best indication that Imagine Burundi is working, that people are catching on and seeing how it can help countries with similar challenges to Burundi. A very warm “Thank You” to all of your, our listeners and supporters.

On the activities front, we’re having some problems with our internet connection so our weekly Archive update is late. But stay tuned because the next two additions to the Archive form a two-part mini-series on “What Is Burundi?” We know it’s no surprise that the world knows little about Burundi, but what about Burundi’s neighbors? What do they know about Burundi as a country and Burundians as a people? We will explore those questions in Part One of the series. The following week, we will post the second part to find out how Burundians themselves answer the question, “What is Burundi?”


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