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Change Is Good

Posted by imagineburundi on March 6, 2012

March 5, 2012

We’ve put up our new clips (sorry for the delay – more on that a bit) to our Archive. The topic is ‘Arts and Culture’ and builds on feedback from the two previous episodes about ‘What Is Burundi?’

Quite a few of our respondents for ‘What is Burundi?’ mentioned Burundian culture as a trump card for the country’s tourism push. We’ve also been looking for an occasion to dedicate the first of many shows to this topic. This live episode starts us on another exploration to look at yet another aspect of life in Burundi. Hopefully, we’ll spend many more episodes looking at different media productions and art forms here and throughout the region.

Now about that delay in posting new clips to the Archive, we’re undergoing a transition. We’re sad to announce that Jeff just left Burundi but that also means we’ve just elevated Elvis to Producer. Congratulations, Elvis! Jeff will attend a Masters degree program in the U.S. starting this Fall but in the meantime he will continue hosting segments and producing shows for Imagine Burundi. He’s already got an idea to track down Ciza in southern China during his travels to interview him about his progress so far!

We also want to remind our readers that we are on Facebook and we will be posting more photos and film clips from Imagine Burundi events to our page. Check it out to see “how radio should look.”

And speaking of events, Jeff and Seth were guests recently on Real Talk Burundi, CCIB’s new English radio music and talk show hosted by Leah Hazard and Dedo Baranshamaje. Things got tricky when Jeff and Seth flashed their Imagine Burundi colors and almost conducted a hostile takeover of the show, but everything calmed down once the beer-tasting contest started and the beer started to flow. Photos coming soon!


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