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    As our big announcement stated, Imagine Burundi ended its new broadcasts in July 2013. But keep checking back in our Archive - we will be posting new clips of our past episodes there.

    And don't forget to check out our colleague's new project, The Burundian Way, a weekly radio program at the same hour on the same channel - 3 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday on 99.4 FM CCIB.


Holiday Special, Pt.3

Posted by imagineburundi on December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

It’s happening again. Each year, we gather ourselves for one final run at the end of the year for our Holiday Special. It’s a broadcast that tries to bring together our favorite elements of the show: celebrations, food and lots of friends. Our last two Holiday Specials, we talked about gift-giving and love stories. This year, we party, or maybe the question is, how do we party? The Imagine Burundi team goes around Bujumbura (and the world) to find out how different cultures celebrate the end of the year. And in the last part of the show, we manage to fit in one more segment about food. Happy rest of 2012, everyone!


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