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    As our big announcement stated, Imagine Burundi ended its new broadcasts in July 2013. But keep checking back in our Archive - we will be posting new clips of our past episodes there.

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    Every Monday, we upload new clips from a past episode to our online archive so listeners, both local and abroad, can hear about life in Burundi and the new discoveries we're making. The files are in .mp3 format and available for download in our Archive page.

    On the Restaurants page, you can find our Restaurant Reviews collected in one location and many photos of our dining experiences. We also link to a map that shows the restaurants' locations.

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Archive for February, 2013

Burundian Tales – Imagine Burundi’s Second Storytelling Contest

Posted by imagineburundi on February 27, 2013

February 23, 2013

The whole team has been busy, but we wanted to take this moment to highlight the great work that our newest member, Jean-Claude (just call him “BJC”) since he joined the team late last year. BJC has been instrumental in helping the whole team set up new contests following our hugely successful event in May. We are super excited about a new event that the group is planning, hopefully for late April or early May. More details on that soon. For now, here are photos from the recent Imagine Burundi¬†storytelling contest:






(Please excuse the image quality! We forgot to bring our camera…)

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