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The Highlights

Posted by imagineburundi on August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

It’s been soooo long since our last post!

You can still read about the show’s official sign-off below, but we also realize we are sitting on episodes that have not yet been archived on the site. So to any new fans or people just wondering what this project was about, we are posting some of our favorite episodes right here, for your convenience. Some have appeared before and some are new (definitely check out the Love Stories). Hope you’ll have a listen!

And do email us your thoughts or ideas to (please note the address change).

(Right click on the link above and select “Save As…” The files are in mp3 format.)


Stories and Interviews

1. Episode 19 “Coming Home”  (Bonus: Jeff’s interview on WBEZ about the show and a repost of the “Coming Home” story with Seth)

2. Episode 32 “Leaving Burundi – Ciza’s Story”

3. Episode 24 “Coffee in Burundi” Part One (look for the other parts in the Archive!)

4. Episode 21 “What is Burundi?” Part One

5. Episode 22 “What Is Burundi?” Part Two


Special Episodes

1. 2010 Holiday Special: Episode 5 “Gift-giving Stories 1-3″

2. 2010 Holiday Special: Episode 5 “Gift-giving Stories 4-6″

3. 2011 Holiday Special: Episode 50 “Love Stories” Part One Clip1

4. 2011 Holiday Special: Episode 50 “Love Stories” Part One Clip2

5. Love Stories Pt. 2: Episode 58 “Love Stories” Part Two



1. Kigali, Rwanda:

Episode 40 “Amina in Kigali – Part One” Clip1

Episode 40 “Amina in Kigali – Part One” Clip2

Episode 41 “Amina In Kigali – Part Two”

2. Nairobi, Kenya:

Episode 44 “Interview in Nairobi, Kenya, with Kidumu” Clip 1

Episode 44 “Interview in Nairobi, Kenya, with Kidumu” Clip 2

Episode 44 “Interview in Nairobi, Kenya, with Kidumu” Clip 3


Restaurant Reviews

1. Restaurant Review: Jardin Publique

2. Restaurant Review: Ice Cream!

3. Restaurant Review: Kaze Country Club

4. Restaurant Review: Tropicana

5. Restaurant Review: Habesha


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