Imagine Burundi on 99.4 FM CCIB in Bujumbura, Burundi.

  • Next Broadcast

    As our big announcement stated, Imagine Burundi ended its new broadcasts in July 2013. But keep checking back in our Archive - we will be posting new clips of our past episodes there.

    And don't forget to check out our colleague's new project, The Burundian Way, a weekly radio program at the same hour on the same channel - 3 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday on 99.4 FM CCIB.


The Network

Here are links to some of our favorite sites:

Sites about Burundi: – Music and cultural events news for Bujumbura!
Buja-Connections – Chris’ creation
Old photos of Bujumbura (Usumbura)

Other radio shows:

Real Talk Burundi on CCIB
Fresh Air from WHHY
Radiolab from WNYC
This American Life from WBEZ
Worldview on WBEZ

Our blogs:

Jeff’s Blog
Seth’s Blog

Our friends:

Debt of Love
Grinnell College
Latitude News
United Nations’ “Africa Renewal”
WBEZ Chicago

Imagine Burundi is an English radio program that airs each week on 99.4 FM CCIB in Bujumbura and many parts of Burundi. New episodes are played on Saturdays and replayed on Wednesdays, both at 3 p.m.

Email us at or send us a SMS at (+257) 79.330.456

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    jack is djuma manirakiza what about my messege i have sent

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