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Coffee And The Things We Love To Eat

Posted by imagineburundi on August 7, 2012

August 6, 2012

We have a new episode up in the Archive. Recall that about six months ago, we interviewed the coffee buyer and consultant, Ben Carlson. Ben was about to launch an independent initiative to increase the profile of Burundian coffee around the world. You can hear that interview in Episode 24 in the Archive. At the time, Ben was just arriving and bubbling with enthusiasm for his project and its possible outcomes. Well, flash forward six months now. Ben is a grizzled veteran of many attempts, delays and, yes, battles to get his project going. Listen in to our fourth installment in the Coffee series as Ben describes his first six months of trying to set up a small business in Burundi.

And now is a good time to introduce our revamped Restaurants page. We are making this into a destination for people living in or just curious about Bujumbura. People are always wondering about places to eat out at. Well, for the first time ever, residents can now access the Restaurants page to see photos of places we have visited, listen to our reviews and, best of all, see a detailed map of each restaurant’s location – all in one location! We will be updating this map regularly, so check back in to hear more about Bujumbura’s many dining options. Muryoherwe, tout le monde!

Here’s a sample view of the map. Go to the Restaurants page for the link to the full version.

Map of restaurants in Bujumbura


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“Ciza’s Story”

Posted by imagineburundi on July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

Surviving, enduring, accepting – these actions take a degree of bravery but we often romanticize our instinct to simply carry on as something more noble. It can take tremendous courage to do the opposite, to accept change and to throw yourself head-first into a whole new situation. As our previous guest, the police officer Steven Sadate, explained, change will only occur when people are ready to embrace that change. This week in the Archive, we bring you an incredible story of accepting even leaping into change. Our good friend Ciza left Imagine Burundi when the opportunity to pursue his dream arrived out of nowhere. Listen in to hear how he handled that news and what he did to prepare for the massive changes in his life.

And another reason to listen to this episode? Seth thinks it’s one of our very best efforts! It’s hard to win praise from that guy – so you know this will be a good one.

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The Mean Streets of Bujumbura

Posted by imagineburundi on June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012

We’ve got a new episode in the Archive – a topic that is always on our minds: driving in Burundi. Mostly, we mean Seth and Jeff who complain a lot about how motorists, police officers and pedestrians all collude to create some of the most chaotic situations in Burundi. But beside just feeling frustrated on an individual level (and providing snarky commentary), we recognize how people mistreat each other casually in the streets can illustrate how other kinds of relations can break down and lead to negative consequences. In other words, the environment can shape perceptions.

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“Made in Burundi”

Posted by imagineburundi on November 22, 2011

November 22, 2011

We’ve added new clips to the Archive. It’s a rather funny (or silly) couple of clips where Jeff tests his guest Ben Radley with some trick questions. Enjoy!

Also, as mentioned in the previous post, Jeff has traveled to Uganda to do some reporting on products “Made in Burundi” that may have circulated to Uganda now that trade has increased throughout the region. And look what he found:

Burundian coffee in Uganda

Middle shelf, on the right.

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Photos From The Kigali Visit

Posted by imagineburundi on October 22, 2011

October 22, 2011

Our local broadcast last week started a two-part story on Amina Nshimirimana’s trip to Kigali and we conclude that story on this week’s show. It was a special journey for Amina: she was visiting a place outside Burundi for the first time in her adult life, and she was also revisiting her birthplace for the first time in over 20 years. Here are some snaps from that trip.

Amina at Sioni station in Bujumbura.

At the Sioni Bus Station in Bujumbura, waiting for the bus.

Amina boarding bus.

Boarding the bus, just before crossing into Rwanda.

Amina under Rwandan flag at border.

Amina under the Rwandan flag at the border.

Amina at Amahoro Stadium

At Amahoro Stadium in Kigali.

Fan in Nyamirambo market

A fan in Nyamirambo market!

Amina in Nyamirambo.

Finally, Amina arrives in Nyamirambo, the place where she was born and she is warmly greeted by a resident.

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