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The Contests

On this page, we reproduced in their entirety the winning entries from some of our earlier contests.

From the Storytelling Contest on May 25, 2013

First Place Entry: “Fighting for Your Respect” by Floriane NIYUNGEKO

Tale title : Fighting for your respect

Theme: women conditions

Characters: Gakabwa; little girl

The Mother of Gakobwa

Burundian people

Tale Summary

Beginning: Once upon time; there was a teenager girl in a very small and far country; the Bundi. Her name was Gakobwa; which means little girl. Hence she was a budian girl. She was clever but no one knew it. In budian society; women are inferior to men. That means that even if GAKOBWA was intelligent she did everything not to be known not as smart as budian boys. At school the first was   boy. Gakobwa was, embraced by that situation and she wanted to challenge boys but her mother Jane always told her: if you cannot beat them join them. So she never tries to overstep boy’s level.

Story evolution: One day she went to school like every day and she heard about a spelling bee contest. It was a national championship. When she saw the contestants; she was ashamed; all were boys and a lot of them did not have her level. She decided to get registered just for pleasure. She did not tell her mother what she has done because she knew her mother would be against that initiative.

During the contest all the participants have been accompanied by their parents. She was the only one girl and she had not someone to support her. But she kept courage. The most difficult situation she faced was to be mobbed by the audience and the panel of judges.

End: Finally she gained the contest. All the country knew that a girl gained instead of boys. Gakobwa gave hope to women. Now budian women can do what they want and they are respected at the sam,e level than men. Girls can go to school and become the first if they are intelligent. Bundi is a much known country because it gave example to other countries in term of women conditions.

Moral lesson

This tale wants to show that a person can be judged for accomplished actions; not for gender; age or race. No one deserves to be oppressed; neither women nor children. Let s create a better world!

Second Place Entry:

The Second Place Story is “The Story of Gamba” by Balthazar Nathan Nsabimana. Balthazar might be familiar to our listeners as the winner of our very first contest about the 60-Second Pitch.

The Story of GAMBA

      Once up a time, there was a man whose name was GAMBA. GAMBA’s wife was CHULU. They were living in a country named POTEKU. They were still living a young marriage. GAMBA married CHULU having a very good job; he was the Director of a factory called Shaba Company which was making shoes and clothes. CHULU really loved and respected his husband GAMBA and they really had a good life. Three months after their marriage, GAMBA has lost his job. His Boss KURUN fired him without any reason, only because GAMBA was loved by everyone within the factory than him for GAMBA was a humble and cool man, talking and smiling at everyone. GAMBA apologized, but his Boss KURUN didn’t give him even a minute to talk. Rather, he kicked him out as a dog. After GAMBA and his wife used all the money that they had saved in their account bank. CHULU, who could no more bear living with GAMBA who has become a jobless man, decided to leave her him behind and went back to her parents. She left with a pregnancy.

GAMBA started going throughout the whole country, knocking on every door of every office and company looking for a job but in vain. GAMBA lived this situation of going since the morning to come back during the evening only looking for a job many days until he got sick.

Consequently, one morning GAMBA could not go as usual to look for a job, then his friend MUTOMBO came to see him and found that he was really sick. MUTOMBO asked GAMBA to tell him how he was feeling and GAMBA replied that he was feeling so bad.

Thus, MUTOMBO thought that maybe GAMBA has worked hard and asked him if he had a job. GAMBA replied by saying that he had been really doing a very hard job for many days. Then MUTOMBO asked GAMBA what he was having as a job, GAMBA told him that his job was looking for a job, it means that looking for a job has become for him like a job.

Felling pity for him, MUTOMBO promised he should show him a job that he could start the following week. GAMBA was very happy to hear that good news to the extent that GAMBA even forgot all about his sickness.

As promised, MUTOMBO came to take GAMBA to the company where he had to work. He started the job and meanwhile his wife CHULU, whose home was far away from where GAMBA was living, gave birth. The new born was a boy whose name was CHACO. GAMBA liked his job so much, and because of his utmost, his experience and his talents, he became the Manager of EGO Company, a Company which was producing perfumes.

KURUN, the first Boss of GAMBA, have had a great problem, seizure was operated on his factory six months after GAMBA has left because it went bankrupt and he was not able to pay his staff and the suppliers of his factory anymore. Consequently, everything was sold and KURUN could get nothing from the factory.

By the way, CHACO could hardly see his father since he was born until he was seven years old. When CHOCO was going school, GAMBA was in the car going in a mission and for lack of speed, he ran over CHACO whom he didn’t know. He stopped the car and took him to the hospital though he was not seriously injured. CHULU learned that her son met an accident and went to see him to the hospital. When she arrived there, she saw GAMBA near CHACO and after she had learned that it is GAMBA who has run over CHACO, she started to cry. CHACO asked his mother why she was crying, she replied to him that the man who ran over him was his father. CHULU learned that GAMBA has become a rich man again; she kept on crying and started to apologize knees down. GAMBA was not ready to forget, but as CHACO also started crying, telling his father to apologize his mother, GAMBA forgave her and took them all at his new home. When they were still en route, GAMBA saw KURUN holding his wife’s hand going and noticed that something was wrong whit them. GAMBA stopped his car and learned that KURUN had no money to take his wife, who was ill, to the hospital. He took some money from his pocket and gave them to KURUN.

KURUN immediately knelt on GAMBA’s feet and started apologizing for what he has done for him, saying that he didn’t know GAMBA was such a good man. KURUN shed tears when he knew GAMBA was the Manager of EGO Company in which he wanted to apply.


  1. You can’t know how bad or good others (members of your family, neighbors, friends) are living if you don’t go to see them.(MUTOMBO& GAMBA)
  2. There are people who love others when they have money and leave them when the money is over, but they forget that the earth turns and that money is not everything, that money comes and goes, goes and comes back again. Hot love is soon cold.
  3. There are people who never let bygones be bygones, but letting bygones be bygones is the best policy.
  4. When it comes to doing good, do it and go because you don’t know what tomorrow comes whit for you. Cast your bread into waters

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